Cartoonist, comic stripper, and book illustrator. Appears every fortnight in Private Eye (Forgotten Moments in Music History), has also worked for Penguin, Random House, The Times, Spectator, Reader's Digest, The Beano (Billy Whizz) and The Dandy, to name but a few.
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Monday, 5 November 2012

Bet you can't guess the character I'm working on starting this week in The Beano...


  1. Oh, it's Billy Whizz?
    And I was really thinking it was Lord Snooty! Curse me and my lack of Beano character knowledge! ;)

    1. Your style suits that character very well. I look forward to seeing it. Will their be any of your wonderful artwork in the digital Dandy?

    2. Thank you kind anonymous person!
      I am supposed to be doing a strip for the digital Dandy, yes, though I'm not quite sure what's happening with it at the moment...
      Thanks for your comment.